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Dillon Amphitheater

Mission Statement

Inspired by our scenically spectacular lakeside venue over-looking the majestic Rocky Mountains, we delight in the opportunity to challenge attendees with diverse and engaging live performances, offer an incomparable guest experience and provide authentic and dynamic interactions with our community and visitors.

Vision Statement

Dillon Amphitheater will continue to grow into a nationally recognized, culturally enriching destination that embraces the expansion of diverse artistic boundaries via exploration, creativity and an intentional desire to collaborate with those who share this vision.

Our mission is supported by our commitment to these values:


We respect and uplift each other and demonstrate daily our appreciation for the people with whom we are privileged to serve: Our Audiences, Our Artists, Our Colleagues and Our Selves.


We study our craft and keep our knowledge current. We are punctual, polite and proactive.


We encourage imagination and innovation in everything we do.


We live in a scenic postcard. We work in a field we love. We get to dramatically enrich lives and forge diverse relationships.

Solution Oriented Teamwork

We face challenges with a positive attitude, casting aside excuses and fault-finding in favor of solutions.


We focus our energy on being impeccable at what we do, striving to be seen as the benchmark in our field through owning and learning from our missteps toward constant improvement.


We build trust by keeping our promises and acting in a responsible and accountable manner consistent with our mission.


We listen fully and speak directly with candor and openness. We include all parties relevant to a discussion.